Gym Strategies 7

Quality shut-eye is vital to getting the most out of your time spent in the gym...

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Gym Strategies 6

Losing just 2% of your body weight in fluids — some gym-goers sweat out 6 to 10%...

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Gym Strategies 5

Minute per minute, high-intensity intervals—periods of all-out effort interspersed with short...

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Gym Strategies 4

You might think of carbo-loading as something you do to run a better marathon...

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Gym Strategies 3

Don’t stretch in vain. In one Austin State University study, people who warmed up with...

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Gym Strategies 2

Everyone knows that your favorite tunes can fire you up for a workout...

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Gym Strategies 1

Here are 13 incredibly efficient strategies, courtesy of the latest research...

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Beginners Gym Tips continued

Be honest with yourself about the goals you've set...

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Here’s another Beginner Gym Tip

Perhaps you aren't pushing yourself hard enough...

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Are you new to exercising?

You might be unsure where to begin...

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We’re BACK!

Re-opening Friday 28th October from 6pm

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The Final Countdown

Getting ready to welcome you back early next month.

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MARK THE DATE! 5th November. Planning our re-opening.

It’s been a tough and challenging 2021, however there appears to be some light at the end of the tunnel...

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How to Motivate Yourself to Go to the Gym on Cold, Dark Days

Motivate yourself to get to the gym using these handy tips...

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We're Back! Re-opening Monday 9th Nov 2020

Click through for everything you need to know during our State Government mandated Step 2 Restrictions...

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Morning vs lunch vs evening: We reveal when to exercise to lose weight

Whenever someone asks us the best time of day to workout We tell them the real answer…that it really doesn’t make that much of a difference. The best time to get your workout done, in our opinion, is when you know you will.

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No time? No excuse!

No time for excercise? We share some really effective exercises for those of us who are time poor. No more excuses!

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